FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

– Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you.

If you want to ask anything that is not covered below please email support@premiersportsplays.com or contact us on Twitter @premsportsplays

I have subscribed but how do I get the write ups plays and bets?

Where can I see all the plays?

When are the plays published?

I have emailed support but not had a reply. What should I do?

How much is it in American dollars?

How do the points work on the bets? Is there a ratings scale?

What types of bets do you recommend? My bookmaker only offers a few markets.

How do the golf markets work?


I have subscribed but how do I get the write ups plays and bets?

The game write ups and plays are available in Nigel's private Telegram group. You need to have Telegram on your phone or desktop on your PC. If you do not have it then first of all, please go to https://telegram.org/ and click on the relevant download link. Once that is installed go to https://www.premiersportsplays.com/ and login.

Then go to the page that you signed up for (as if you were going to subscribe and pay again).

Scroll down to the bottom. Before you paid there was a black 'Purchase' button. Now there will be a 'Join Telegram Group' button in its place. Simply click on that.

Then you can read the plays and you will see when new plays arrive as Telegram will alert you on your phone.

Where can I see all the plays?

If you scroll up in the Telegram group you will see all the plays that Nigel has given for that service prior to you subscribing. Some of these may not have started so always check the days of the most recent suggested bets.

When are the plays published?

Nigel usually sends midweek plays (Tuesday/Wednesday matches) on Monday's. On Tuesday's he sends all the golf selections, Wednesday's any plays on Thursday's games and on Thursday he sends the plays for the weekends.

I have emailed support but not had a reply. What should I do?

We aim to reply to all support queries as quickly as possible. Our replies are sent from support@premiersportsplays.com and it is possible that they sometimes go to your spam folder.

Please check your spam folder if you have not had a reply after a few hours. It is also good to whitelist our email address and mark as ‘not spam’. You can also contact us on Twitter.com which is @premsprtsplays where you can message or Tweet us.

How much is it in American dollars?

We are based in the UK and our prices are listed in British Pounds (GBP) this is shown by using the £ sign.

If you use a USA credit card for payment, they will make the conversion for you. The exchange rate  (and any charges) will depend on your card but typically 1USD$ = 0.73 GBP£ (correct at 18 July 2021). For current exchange rates please visit www.xe.com

So a £50 subscription at the above rate would be approximately $68 depending on the card you use. PremierSportsPlays.com does not make any additional charges for using a US card.

How do the points work on the bets? Is there a ratings scale?

All our tips are suggested to a reasonable and responsible staking plan and are graded on the strength of the play from 1-10.

In two seasons the lowest play has been 3 points on soccer and we have never given a 10 point play yet. The average is around 5pts.

Depending on what your stake is per unit we suggest 1/10th of your unit size to start with until you build the bank up.

If you usually bet $100 per unit and we suggest a 5 point play we recommend $50 stake a 7 point play would be $70 and we suggest the stakes to be no lower than $5 per point.

If you were a bigger bettor and you played in $500 per unit we suggest $50 per point so a 5 point play we recommend $250 and a 7 point play $350.

What types of bets do you recommend? My bookmaker only offers a few markets.

The majority of our clients are US based and we at Premiersportsplays are aware of the limitations that our clients have in gaining access to a full list of markets.

On the soccer we only recommend wagers on money lines, handicaps, total goals over/unders and very occasionally on the draw no bet and goal scorer markets as well as pre-season futures.

On tennis we only recommend plays on futures in the Grand Slams, money lines, handicaps and total games overs/unders. We bet on ATP Tour and WTA events .

On golf we recommend future plays on tournaments on both the PGA and European Tours as well as 72 hole match tournament match bets and 18 hole match bets as well on a particular player to beat his playing partner for that round.


How do the golf markets work?


We have had quite a few people contact support asking about the bet terminology and numbers quoted in the golf write-ups. Everyone will get a reply but for now we just wanted to explain the numbers for everyone here. Take for example this bet:

1pt Each Way Callum Shinkwin 40/1 @ Betfair 1/5 1-7

Our point scale is explained in more details in our FAQ section here: https://www.premiersportsplays.com/faq

But for now let's assume you bet $10 a point. So 'each way' is two bets. One $10 bet on the win at 40/1 (+4000) and one $10 on the place. In this example the place is first seven places. Place odds are explained as 1/5 or a 5th of the win odds so 40/5 or 8/1 (+800).

If Shinkwin finishes out of the top 7 you lose $20

If he wins you win 40 x $10 and get $410 back (includes the $10 stake)

If he wins he then also places first 7 so you win 40/5 x $10 or $80 and get $90 back (plus the $410 above)

If he finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th you lose $10 on the win bet but win $80 on the place and return $90

There are certain situations where he will tie with other players in certain places and returns will be reduced in these circumstances.

Betfair is the name of the bookmaker suggested here.

Certain bookmakers will bet first 4 places, some first 5, some first six and we have even seen all the way up to first 11. Obviously the more places the better for us.

We understand that in America you may not have each way available to you. If that is the case you should back $10 at the win on the best odds you can get and a further $10 on 'Top 10' or 'Top 5' etc depending what your bookmaker offers.

If you are unsure of the UK odds we have an odds converter here: https://www.premiersportsplays.com/odds-converter

40/1 is +4000 in USA and 8/1 is +800 in USA

If you have any questions please let us know on Twitter or email support@premiersportsplays.com