NFL 2021/22 Season

NFL 2021/22 Season - by Anthony Wootton

PremierSportsPlays are very excited to have Anthony Wootton on our team. Anthony will be covering the NFL for us.

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Anthony is no stranger to NFL and a proven long-term winner. He grew up in Canada, played football at a young age and won a Pop Warner championship. He is an officially accredited NFL journalist and a founding member of the NFL Writers Network with NFL UK. There are only a dozen who are privileged to be recognised as the UK's leading NFL journalists. He has covered the NFL for the BBC, Sky Sports and national UK sports radio station Love Sport. He has also produced/presented a football documentary for BBC World Service. 

Anthony is one of a select few NFL UK journalists who get exclusive access to news, interviews, and information. We can guarantee you that you will get unique insights that are not available elsewhere.

Anthony will be looking for the best plays each week in the NFL for subscribers.

Anthony is a football analyst, specialising in match-ups and props and will not just give the plays but also explain why these plays are value and why we are betting them.

The cost for the NFL 2021/22 Season is £99

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